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-Intent -
Think carefully about the Meanings of the Words as you repeat them rather than just saying them.

Get involved, be passionate, USE YOUR EMOTIONS to See and Project the Intent of your Affirmation!
Read More about using your intent here.
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Although the practice of affirmations is easy, some people find it challenging to repeat the affirmations continuously while maintaining the highly charged emotional state necessary in making affirmations work. 

DID YOU KNOW... that you can use your computer to make the affirmation process effortless - and that you can automate those challenging aspects (such as maintaining highly charged emotions), and thereby, manifest your desires more quickly?

There are many such Affirmation Software Programs around, but one of the Best I've seen is Sculptor-3 from AffirmWare. It not only incorperates a "response" mechanism but many more techniques as well into one Affirmation Software System.

See More Affirmation Software Programs Here. They're Great for all Kinds of Goal Setting Too!

TIP: What is an Affirmation ?

An Affirmation is a Positive Statement used to Reprogram Your Subconscious,
a statement when said to your self, over and over, and with feeling, will influence internal forces and manifest change in your life.

Affirmations are based on the following principles

1) Your present reality is a direct result of your thinking

2) So...Change your thinking, and your reality changes

3) And, Affirmations are the Tools that Change Your Thinking

This Affirmation Tip is brought to you by Sculptor Affirmation Software

-Software Programs Can Help!

Using Subliminal Messaging Software is a powerful tool for generating Highly Focused, Customizable life changing Affirmations that create a double impact....

*First to your consious mind
*Then Reinforced by your subconscious mind.

Use it to program your own

  • Life Changing Affirmations
  • Inspirational Messages
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Positive Thinking Statements
  • Goal Setting Patterns
  • And Much More!
Since it's Customizable You can even Generate your own Unique Affirmations each week

Take a Look at some of the Options for Software: Affirmations Software Programs

This Affirmation Tip is brought to you by Creative-Tools for All of Your Goals and Life Changing Ideas

Compare Your Mental Computer Keyboard and Your Hard Drive--

Our Conscious Mind is Similar to a Computer Keyboard and our Subconscious Mind is like the Hard Drive.

One serves as the input and the other is the processor of the information.

No one's success or failure is predestined. And, yes, everyone does have the potential for success and happiness within themselves.

You can utlize successful mental programming to reach your ultimate goals with Subliminal Technology. One of the main benefits of this technology is that it requires no conscious effort or work on your part, to breakthrough to the "ultimate successful and happy you.

This Affirmation Tip is brought to you by InnerTalk®: Subliminal Technology
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  • -Intent -
    Think carefully about the Meanings of the Words as you repeat them rather than just saying them. Get involved, be passionate, use your emotions to See and Project the Intent of your Affirmation!

    My Affirmation Doesn't
    Seem To Be Working... Why?

    by Jeff Staniforth

  • While affirmations are undoubtedly very powerful, it sometimes happens that obstacles may be present that are preventing our progress.

    Many of our beliefs have been with us for a long time and additional work may be required before our affirmation is accepted. Repetition is a major factor in implanting the affirmation and in some cases it may take a little longer to get results.

    We need to be specific with regard to what it is that we desire. If you want a better job you must detail what constitutes a better job for YOU.

    Being vague and nonspecific leaves the subconscious confused and unsure of what to do. Writing down our goals PRECISELY provides the subconscious with clear instructions.

    Furthermore, if the affirmation is Precisely worded , stated a sufficient number of times, feels comfortable, and is Emotionally Charged, then the only obstacle (or obstacles) blocking its realization comes from our own subconscious.

    And when we have inner resistance to that which we are affirming, this makes us doubt the affirmation's validity. And it usually means a belief is operating on the subconscious level which is counter to that which we have been affirming.

    So an essential part of working with affirmations is learning to transform these undesirable beliefs into ones which we do desire.


    The responses should be allowed a free flowing passage. Just allow them to pop into your awareness, without straining or forcing them. You may experience anger, sadness or other emotions. This is normal and there is no need to be alarmed. In time these negative beliefs will disappear using this process.

    Note: sometimes these thoughts will be of a positive nature, while at other times they will be negative. Just go along with the process and trust that higher intelligence is guiding you.

    Some Affirmation Software Programs can define and assist you in Actually Documenting Your Response to a particular affirmation! They can provide you with an excellent tool for dealing with thoughts that may be blocking your success using affirmations.

    See more on this technique and many others, discussed further in the Features section of the AffirmWare Web Site
    Affirmations Goal Setting Software
    "Name the Top 3 Things You Want in Life" ...then use your computer for 10 minutes a day to make them come true


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    TEST 40 words FORMAT
    Whether this is your first experience with setting goals or you've been setting them all of your life, here are some helpful suggestions and ideas.

    Experienced goal-setters will notice that does a few things differently from traditional paper-based systems, owing to the power and flexibility of the Internet.

    What makes a good goal? Traditional goal-setting wisdom has taught us that a good goal must be a) written, b) challenging, c) believable, d) specific, e) measureable, and f) have a specific deadline.

    Unfortunately, it's not too difficult to think of an example that directly challenges any of the above goal-setting criteria. For instance, the goal "to live a more spiritual life" may be a valuable, meaningful goal for many, but it's hardly measurable and assigning a deadline makes little sense for a permanent alteration of lifestyle