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>George Eliot
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you might
have been."
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  • Learn To
    Send Your Affirmations Soaring
    Out Into The Universe!

  • -Persistance-
    Persistence Achieves Results much sooner than practicing affirmations periodically.
    Successive sessions with multiple technologies will have a compounding effect.

    A Guide to Affirmations
    by Jeff Staniforth
    Goal Setting Affirmation Software

  • By working with affirmations, you commence the process of changing negative and unproductive beliefs, into positive life supporting beliefs, that with regular practice will create a desired future.

    To obtain maximum results from doing affirmations, it is best to observe certain guidelines, this "GUIDE TO AFFIRMATIONS" outlines a course that will ensure you achieve maximum results.


    Establish in your mind the specific area in which you most want to improve or which goal you most desire attaining.

    There are many broad areas in which affirmations may be used. Some areas are

    • Self-esteem,
    • Love & Relationships,
    • Creative Self Expression,
    • Work/Career, Prosperity,
    • Health and Spiritual development.


    Present Tense
    An affirmation is more effective when stated in the present tense.
    For example; "I now have a wonderful job." Avoid affirming something in the future tense, e.g. "I am going to have a wonderful job" or the results will always be waiting to happen.

    Create affirmations in the most positive terms that you can;
    avoiding negative statements.

    Affirm what you do want, rather than what you do not want.
    For example; "I don't want to smoke." This is a negative statement.
    Rather affirm; "I now enjoy being a nonsmoker."
    This statement is much more powerful as it is positive and reinforces your desired goal.

    Short & Specific
    A short affirmation is easy to say, and has a far greater impact at a subconscious level than those which are long and wordy.
    Keeping them specific and to the point adds power as the idea is uncluttered by extraneous elements.

    The importance of repetition cannot be overemphasized. This is what imprints the affirmation into your subconscious mind.

    Get involved, be passionate, use your emotions. Think carefully about the as you repeat them rather than typing or saying them.

    Persistence achieves results much sooner than practicing affirmations periodically.
    Successive sessions will have a compounding effect.

    Initially, you don't necessarily have to believe your affirmation.. Belief will grow with your forthcoming successes.

    Impress Yourself
    Personalize your affirmation, they must feel right for you.
    The stronger the feeling an affirmation conveys, the deeper the impression it makes on your mind, and the sooner you will experience positive results.

    It is advantageous to see yourself as already having obtained your desired outcome. While holding the image, bring to mind the feelings you would have when accomplishing your goal.

    By visualizing your goal your subconscious mind will work for you, behind the scenes, to encourage the manifestation of situations which will ultimately enable your goals to come true.

    A process of achieving your goals through the application of positive mental images will empower you to create a reality from your desires.

    Each of us have five senses.
    We can use these senses to work for us in reaching our desired goals. By combining the elements of Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste and Touch to Visualize our Objective it becomes real to our imagination and in so doing becomes embedded in our subconscious as a part of our reality.

    Imagine your Goal.
    As an example; if you desire to own a yacht and cruise the islands; concentrate and tune in your senses.
    Feel the Motion of the Yacht Beneath You as you Smell the sea air, Hear the flap of the sails and the calls of seagulls from the tropical beach you see just ahead.

    Taste the Salt Spray on your face as you enjoy the pleasure of your surroundings.

    The Subconscious Mind, being non-critical, will believe your visualizations as being real. We can use this faculty to consciously select images which we give to our subconscious.

    Conversely, as we meditate on our affirmations, the Subconscious Mind will raise to our awareness images and sensations of our successes.


    We advise setting aside a special time each day for your session. Either first thing in the morning or just prior to going to bed, whenever is convenient for you.
    The major benefit of the evening session is that you will continue your affirmation during your sleeping state. That is the thought process established during your session will continue to operate on a subconscious level during sleep.

    In the morning when you awaken refreshed; your mind is more receptive to thought patterns and better able to concentrate and receive new stimuli.

    "Name the Top 3 Things You Want in Life"...then use your computer for 10 minutes a day to make them come true with Sculptor 3--Goal Setting Affirmation Software

    Sculptor 3 is the only program available anywhere that combines 7 OF THE BEST RESULTS-AMPLIFYING TECHNOLOGIES that are Tested and Proven to Increase the Power and Speed of Manifestation.

    Here they are:

    • Affirmations
    • Visualization
    • Alpha sound technology
      (to induce highly receptive meditative states)
    • Subliminal technology
    • Sentence completion
    • Assignment writing/goal setting
    • Whole brain synchronization
      (utilizing thought, intuition, sensation and emotion)

    Only Sculptor 3 seamlessly Integrates ALL 7 TECHNOLOGIES to create the most Powerful Manifesting Mechanism ever conceived.

    So while you sit in front of your computer for 10 minutes, you are literally Soaking Yourself in 7 Powerful Technologies that have been synergistically combined to produce incredible results.
    Just released in 2003, Sculptor 3 is loaded with new features, all designed to help you live a more fulfilling life.


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