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Motivational Articles

  • Goals and Goal-Setting can be a difficult path without the proper Motivation.
    Need a little help with Your Motivation?

    It's all well and good to say
    "Ok..I'm going to Get Motivated"

    And there are Numerous tools and resources to help you do that..

    Maybe you've tried many of them..

    • Affirmations
    • Positive Thinking
    • Goal Setting
    And even found some success with them..
    But if you feel you're still MISSING SOMETHING, you probably are.

    Finding Motivation
    BEGINS with Finding Your Passion

    Understand that your Motivation Must come from your DREAMS...not just your GOALS.
    Then both your Dreams and your Goals will follow.

    Life is exciting. There are so many opportunities and amazing things to learn, do, become. Each one of us is given the innate abilities to grow as human beings. Whether or not we use our gifts is up to us.

    Take the time to re-evaluate you PASSIONS
    And the time to begin is Now!

    • The following Articles are not only great Motivators..
    • they can also help you define & clarify your dreams..

      and it's that extra Insight that will bring you success.

    Keys to Unlocking Your Passion
    by Barbara Winter

    Finding our motivation through our passions is really learning to hear the voice of our heart.

    This voice is never timid, lukewarm, or insipid. It doesn't use the word "should." When we connect with an idea, object, or person that generates passion, the voice of our heart exclaims, "That's for me!"
    It's that emotion that will automatically create motivaion..If you will only let it

    Unfortunately, that voice has many enemies that try to drown it out. Our own doubts, fears, and lack of confidence can dim it—and so can the opinions of others, a busy schedule, and lack of self-awareness. Even so, no matter how deeply it gets buried, the voice of our heart keeps trying to be heard.

    So...How can we turn up the volume?

    Accept responsibility for it. Finding your passion is a do-it-yourself project, one that requires constant monitoring of your feelings, imagination, and self-image.

    Make self-discovery a high priority. The more you know about yourself, the easier it is to hear your heart speak. Self-discovery is not a one-time experience. It take place over a lifetime and demands that you keep asking questions, trying new things, and staying open to new possibilities.

    Follow your hunches. If your intuition is urging you to learn the tango, don't dismiss it.

    Remember how you felt as a child when you came running home excited about something you had done in school and nobody would pay attention? When we ignore our hunches, we impose that same damper on ourselves.

    Dump your doubts. Anytime we have an unrealized dream, there's a good chance that we also have an excuse to explain why we haven't done what we wanted to do. Stop treating your excuses as the voice of reason, admit that they're the story you made up, and hit "delete." Realize, too, that it's possible to keep your doubts and still take action.

    Understand that routine can be the enemy of passion. If you do everything in the same way at the same time day after day, you may become efficient, but you won't become passionate.
    Passion comes when we shake things up, allow ourselves to be surprised, explore. You can't do that if you're tied to a rigid schedule.

    Know that you are capable of multiple passions. Studies have shown that the more sources of passion we have, the happier we are. Passions change during different stages of our lives. Many people seem to think they're going to find One Grand Passion, but people who live passion-filled lives are usually passionate about many things.

    So, take the time to re-evaluate What Your Passions are, and Your Motivation will naturally follow!

    And the time to begin is now.

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