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Car Alarm Systems

Security Systems for your Car

and Everything Inside It!

Read a short, informative article about Car Alarm Systems..the Basics plus the Additional Features

Car Alarm Systems

Security Systems for your Car
and everything inside it!

Almost as important as selecting your car or car stereo is selecting a security system to protect it.

Today, simple door locks don't always cut it - especially when you have great equipment like CD Changers and In-Car theaters to protect.

You have to deter car thieves and, especially, theft from your car.
Now, you can always remove or hide valuable objects from your car, such as by taking your CD player's detachable faceplate with you, but to a determined car thief that just might not be enough.

That's why you should seriously consider investing in a Security System that not only protects your car, but those riding in it.

Oh, and don't forget that insurance benefit. Most insurance companies will offer a discount of anywhere from 5% to 20% on your car insurance rates if you have an alarm installed - allowing the alarm to eventually pay for itself.

How it works :

Basic alarms comprise of an alarm brain (the controlling unit), a siren, and one or more types of sensors that monitor the opening of doors, breaking of windows, motion/air flow inside the car, vibration, etc.

If any of these sensors are triggered, the siren will blast, alerting those in the vicinity of the break-in while scaring the thieves away.

More advanced models will also page you or a security service of the security breach and then even act as a "homing beacon" if your car has been successfully stolen.

Note: many typical factory-installed or "stock" alarms simply monitor your car's overhead dome light. When the door is opened and the light goes on, the siren/car horn goes off.

It's a rather simplistic system that thieves can easily bypass (such as by smashing your window), so you might want to seriously consider replacing it with an after-market alarm with additional sensors and security measures for that additional peace-of-mind.

Features to consider:

  • Multi-sensors:
  • With today's security-wise thieves, one sensor might not cut it.

    That's why it's good to have one or more back-up sensors to ensure an unauthorized entry won't go unnoticed.

    Sensors you'll want include:

    *Door/trunk/hood opening, glass-breaking, interior movement, and shock detection.

    *Starter Disable:
    Hooks your system into the starter or fuel pump so that when the system is armed, the engine won't start even if the thief successfully breaks into your car.

    *Transmitting Alarm:
    This feature pages you, or a security company, on a pager or cell phone when your alarm is tripped - adding extra peace-of-mind since many people pay no attention to a simple siren anymore.

    *Visible Deterrence:
    Sometimes, just something that's seen or heard by a thief to let them know there's a security system in place is enough to make a thief move on. Visible deterrents can be as simple as a blinking LED light or as complex as an audible "pre-warning" that plays a message to step away from the car.

    *Backup Battery:
    A dedicated alarm battery that ensures the alarm will continue to function if your main car battery dies or has been disabled by a professional thief.

    *Auto Zone Bypass:
    If a security sensor is triggered and remains triggered for a set amount of time, the alarm will eventually ignore it and re-arm using the remaining alarm sensors. In addition, if you leave the door open and set the alarm, the system will ignore that door and arm all other sensors.

    *Retrieval System:
    A security feature that acts as a homing beacon to assist police in quickly locating and retrieving your vehicle if it has been successfully stolen.

    This prevents would-be-thieves from using a device to detect and "copy" the unique signal sent from your remote transmitter to your car's alarm - thus preventing them from later replicating the signal to disable your alarm and enter your car as if they were you.

    *Keyless Entry:
    A comfort feature that locks/unlocks all the car doors - and even your trunk - with the press of a button on a handheld remote. Some models will even remotely control your electric windows.

    *Remote Start:
    Another comfort feature that enables you to start your car with a push of a button on a handheld remote (while keeping the doors locked for security). An extremely useful feature on a cold winter's day.

    *Remote Transmitters:
    A small, handheld device that hooks onto your key ring and remotely controls your security system, much like a TV remote. With a touch of a button you can arm/disarm your alarm, lock/unlock your car doors, roll down windows, set off your alarm (if feeling threatened), and even remotely start it from the warmth of your living room.

    Car security systems contain many complex sensors and wires that need to be properly and discreetly installed so a thief cannot enter with ease.

    That's why it's best to have a security professional install it for you - like one of Car Toys' MECP-certified installers. Our installers will not only install it to specifications, but they'll ensure that the alarm's "brains" and siren are in a protected, out-of-the-way area to further prevent unwanted tampering from would-be-thieves.

    Why not let our installers take care of all the hassles for you? Schedule an appointment today at one of our over 50 nearby Car Toys locations in WA, OR, CO, or TX to see what our professional installers can do for you.

    Reproduced from Car Toys great resources..
    They know what it's like to select car electronics - so many choices, so few cars to put them in...So they're here to help you choose that perfect system or component that's right for your car. They'll take you through the what's, why's and how's to make your choice clear and painless.

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