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Find Your True Calling George Eliot said,
"It's never too
late to be what you
might have been." Download it Now
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Change your Mind
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Career Change
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Goal Setting

  • Need a little help this year to make your Dreams and Goals a reality? I think we all do for the important things!

  • The software systems listed below are not only great Motivators..they can also help you define & clarify goals..

    and it's that extra Focus that will bring you success.


Clearly Define and
Manage Your Goals...

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Life Coaches
and Consultants
Consultants Edition is now available. Earn money helping your Clients to set their Goals and Objectives
Consultants Edition

GOALMAKER IS A COMPLETE GOAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for both personal and business use.

Whether you are already clear on your goals and are simply looking for an effective way of Managing them, or you are having trouble Identifying your goals and would really like to make progress, GOALMAKER can put you firmly in control!

Identify, Set, Organize, Manage and ACHIEVE your GOALS and Achieve SUCCESS with GoalMaker, the complete Goal Management Software-based System for the motivated professional. Ideal for sales professionals, networkers and entrepreneurs
Learn How it Can Help You

Please note: GoalMaker currently only runs on Windows platforms - sorry Mac users - we are looking at redeveloping the next version using Java and XML plus a web-based version


Your Own
Life Coach!

How To Take Control
Of Your Life
and Achieve Your
Goals & Dreams
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Goals Today!

USES POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE REALITY CREATION TECHNIQUES, all available with just this one package!

Sculptor 3 has come up with a new technology that integrates 7 Separate Technologies to create an extremely powerful manifesting mechanism.
So while you sit in front of your computer for 10 minutes, you are literally soaking yourself in 7 powerful technologies that have been synergistically combined to produce incredible results.

  • Affirmation Theory
  • Subliminal Messaging Theory
  • Visualization Theory
  • Mission Statement Theory
  • Brain Wave Theory
  • Sentence Completion and
    Affirmation Responses
  • Visual Aid Theory
  • Trigger/Power Symbol Theory
  • Whole Brain Theory

Just released in 2003, Sculptor 3 is loaded with great software features, all designed to help you live a more fulfilling life.
Get lots more details and information here



Get Pre-Made
GoalPlansŪ Templates
for over 70 popular goals
to get you started even faster.

This very unique site offers detailed plans with pre-set templates for achieving 70+ goals in areas ranging from health and hobbies to career and home improvement.

Plus you can customize them..or create your very own.

Great software technolgy keeps you ON TOP of your goals

Sign Up for your FREE 10 DAY FREE TRIAL Then..The software progam keeps you on track..MONTH AFTER MONTH for a VERY Minimal monthly charge.
Give It A Try!

Goal-Setting Tips

WHY NOT SET GOALS THIS YEAR THAT ADD TO YOUR LIFE EXPERENCE? Have you noticed the New Years Resolutions we make always seem to be based on negatives? Inatead..make this years goals Postive and Enriching!

  • Become a Certified Scuba Diver
    (more fun than a diet,and the weight will take care of itself!)
  • Host a Foreign Exchange Student
  • Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking?
  • Write & Sell a Sceenplay?
  • Start your own Business

    There are Tons of Ideas here!
    This very unique site offers detailed plans with pre-set templates for achieving 70+ goals in areas ranging from health and hobbies to career and home improvement. Plus you can customize them..or create your very own.

    Spend Some Time Here
    Setting Goals can be Fun!

    You can track your progress by checking off specific tasks and milestones as you go. The site even sends e-mail reminders to help keep you on schedule. The tips are surprisingly helpful and creative.

    Find something New and Different for this years Resolutions!

    Health & Fitness Goals Exercise, Nutrition, Weight-Loss, Peak Performance, Cosmetic Surgery...

    Family & Relationship Goals Friends, Romance & Marriage, Family, People Skills, Family Goals...

    Time Management & Organization Goals Recordkeeping, Housekeeping, Creating More Time, Staying in Touch...

    Personal Finance Goals Investing, Paying Off Debt, Cutting Expenses, Charity & Philanthropy...

    Career Goals Job Seeking, Education & Skills, Entrepreneurship, Promotions...

    Education & Training Goals College & Grad School, Job Related, K-12, Languages, Technical Literacy...

    Personal Growth & Interest Goals Arts, Music, Writing, Community, Spirituality, Joie de Vivre...

    Recreation & Leisure Goals Travel, Boating, Golf, Outdoors, Cooking, Dancing...

    Home Improvement & Real Estate Goals Kitchen, Pool, Buying a Home, Rental Property, Cabin, Garden...

    Ready for Your
    New Years Resolutions?