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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does subliminal messaging work? Is it safe?
  • Are you sure this all works?
  • Why not just use those subliminal tapes and CDs?
  • What could I use Subliminal Power for?
  • Who created Subliminal Power?
  • Will it work on my computer?
  • Can I order Subliminal Power on CD?
  • Do I get support in using the product?
  • What about future upgrades?
  • Do you offer an affiliate program?
  • How does subliminal messaging work? Is it safe?

Subliminal Messaging is a technology that has been around since the 70s. It involves getting a message straight through to the subconscious mind without it being "intercepted" by the conscious mind. For example, by flashing messages very quickly in front of a user, or playing suggestions masked by music as in a subliminal cassettes. It is 100% safe.

Q. Are you sure this all works?

A. There have been hundreds of scientific research studies performed on this intriguing area and every one has proven that Subliminal essages do work and can make amazing changes in your life, in a short period of time.

The most famous experiment involved flashing the phrases "drink more coke" and "I want popcorn" for just 100-milliseconds in front of a movie audience. Nobody "saw" the messages, however popcorn sales shot up 57.8% and coke sales rocketed 18.1%.

And that was with just one message. You can find many more proven experiments with a simple Internet search. We spent one whole year developing Subliminal- Power to ensure it goes 10 Steps Further than such any existing subliminal products and have so far experienced an incomparable 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Q. Why not just use those subliminal tapes and CDs?

A. It's really up to you just what you use. The problem with subliminal tapes and CDs is that they are always highly generic ("Lose weight") rather than customized to your exact needs ("I can easily handle intimate situations with my girlfriend").

There's also a growing worry that users never actually know what inaudible messages are hidden on the CDs.

With Subliminal-Power, you have complete control. You choose what messages get displayed... when, where and how many. It's also much more convenient than an audio tape and works while you are playing games, surfing the Internet or writing that new book.

There's no more laying down to relax for an hour at a time - Subliminal-Power works around you!

Q. What could I use Subliminal Power for?

A. You can use Subliminal-Power for everything and anything! Use it to succeed in business, or you can use it to greatly improve your memory. Use it for improving your sensuality and love life. You can even use it to develop a razor-sharp wit!

Wold you like to rid yourself of phobias? Ane it great for staying on a permanent "Life High"!

The possibilities are, quite literally, endless.

We provide you with a whole bundle of pre-programmed topics and phrases that you can use straight out of the box. Just select your objectives, such as a great memory, leave the program running in the background and hey presto!

Q. Who created Subliminal-Power?

A. Subliminal-Power was developed over a period of one whole year, a project which incorporated two developers, sixteen part-time testers and three neuro-programming experts, including Bradley Jones, popular industry guru and NLP trainer.

Bradley Jones has written four books on Subliminal Messaging and how it can be used to develop yourself, your business, your society status and your love life.

All the individuals involved can be contacted through">

Q. Will it work on my computer?

A. Subliminal-Power works on any machine running Windows 95 or higher. That means Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP or any of the Windows .NET machines, guaranteed.

Q. Can I order Subliminal-Power on CD?

A. Absolutely! Just click here to place your CD order.

One of the reasons we're able to make Subliminal-Power available at such a low price is that most of our sales are completed via electronic download, rather than sending out expensive CD versions.

The CD versions are still available however, at the small extra cost of just $20 on top of the regular price.
Update: due to our current special offer, the cost of a CD version is now reduced from $119.95 to just $49.95!

Q. Do I get support in using the product?

A. Definitly! Simply mail us at"> and we'll answer any questions you may have - whether they're about writing your own messages, setting up the product or suggestions for future releases.

Q. What about future upgrades?

A. All future upgrades will be made available 100% Free Of Charge to all users. We will e-mail all existing users when the next upgrade is available.

When a user clicks one of the links and orders, that sale is accredited to yourself and our sales staff instantly send 50% of that sale straight to you through PayPal. No more waiting for commission cheques, you'll get the money and instant notification by e-mail as soon as the sale is made!

It's powerful. It's safe. It takes everything 10 steps further than ever seen before.

It's Subliminal Power - and you are in control.


Get the CD Rom and install it both at home and at work!


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