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Life Success Modules

Get All 19 Professionally Created Programs.

PLUS A BONUS "Get Motivated!" Module:
Feel Inspired To Get-Up-and-Go and Start Changing Your Life Now!

  • Supreme Self Confidence -
    Set yourself free of boundaries and start living!

  • Quit Smoking -
    Increase your health and stop smoking in days

  • Razor-Sharp Wit -
    Become the witty highlight of any party!

  • Rocket your Self Esteem -
    Begin changing your life from the inside

  • Love Power Pack -
    Lifestyle changes, confidence, rapport, everything you need for love!

  • Creative Thinking Mindset -
    Solve problems and be inspired by the muse editors choice!

  • Developing an Amazing Memory -
    Instantly remember names, texts, anything!

  • Superior Decision Making -
    Become more decisive and make quality decisions in seconds

  • Speed Reading -
    Instantly discover how to blast through entire books within minutes

  • Learning to Love Yourself -
    Rocket your personal development by loving the true you

  • Ultimate Exam Revision Programme -
    Absolute requirement before all examinations!

  • Releasing your Past -
    Let go of past events that are holding you back, from the deepest of levels

  • Lose Weight Quickly -
    Train your inner body to shed weight quicker and stop the pounds piling up

  • Get What You Want! -
    Turn timid into assertive, with this fantastic new programme

  • Fantastic Business Success -
    Better decisions, fresh ideas, superior business success!

  • Stress Reduction -
    Soak away those daily stresses, as they happen!

  • Amazing Public Speaking Skills -
    Internal change for maximum audience magnetism

  • Accepting your Physical Self -
    Learn to love the physical you

  • Handling Criticism -
    Uncover how the new you doesn't let criticism get in the way!

You'd think that'd be all - but it's not.

If you order while the Subliminal-Power Software Package is still an Introductory Offer, we're including a bonus "Get Motivated!" Module that'll ensure you Have So Much Get-Up and-Go, you'll want to run all of our subliminal message programmes at once!

  Sound exciting? Ready to Get Started?
You have nothing to lose by giving it a go. And if it doesn't make big positive changes in your life within 28 days, we'll issue a full 100% refund.

You are absolutely covered by our full guarantee. If you're not amazed by what it does for you, we give all your money back. Simple as that.

It's powerful. It's safe. It takes everything 10 steps further than ever seen before.

It's Subliminal-Power - and you are in control.


Get the CD Rom and install it both at home and at work!


Order CD

Ready to Change Your Life?
Get Started Today!


You can pay securely over the Internet using Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch, Solo, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Eurocard, JCB and other cards. You'll also be given the option to pay over the telephone, or by mail through a US or UK cheque Or Even by PAYPAL!

   Let's review what you'll be getting:

  • Subliminal-Power Software: runs on any version of Windows
  • Life Success Modules: 19 professionally created programmes
  • BONUS "Get Motivated!" Module: feel inspired to Get-Up-And-Go
  • Rock solid guarantee: with full e-mail support!

  • ... all for just $29.95.

Ready to Change Your Life?
Get Started Today!



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what interests you,
then at least one
person will be pleased"
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