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H ow To Create Your Own Hot Selling Information Products Without Writing A Word

Have you been considering developing your own hot selling information product for sale on the internet or offline?

I bet you are being held back by one of the following obstacles:

  • Don't know what subject or topics will sell?
  • I don't have weeks to spend developing products.
  • I can't write, I'm not an expert and why would anyone buy what I produce anyway?
  • I just don't have the time - I would rather sell someone else's product, even if that means I only get a percentage of the total sale.

Here's a simple solution to all of these problems.
It's a technique that many information product marketers have used to build their part-time businesses to achieve full- time profits.  The technique is called Compilations.

What is A Compilation?

Compilations are one of the simplest and fastest techniques for getting your own hot selling information product to market.

There really are only three steps involved in developing a sure-fire winner:

  1. Find a need or want in the marketplace

  2. Network to discover who the main players are in that market.

  3. Develop a campaign to solicit MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL content others want to share to make your product.

Finding needs and wants can be accomplished by tuning in to opportunity triggers.

Pay attention to comments such as:

  • I wish there was a way to...
  • Does anyone know how to....
  • There has to be a better way to...
  • Can someone help me with...
  • What is the best way to...
  • Who can help me with....

Tune in to opportunity triggers in everday conversations, emails,discussion boards, and in meetings.

These same tools can be used to find the main players in your market space.  This may take some time, though you can pose questions to your audience like
"Who are the top 10 professionals in X market"

Seek out discussion boards on your topics, explore seminars from experts and find patterns of names that keep coming up.

Finally, the secret to getting cooperation from the experts is to:

a) Get noticed.
You can do this by approaching them in an appropriate way, referencing a mutual contact, offering them a compelling benefit statement, and being persistent without being annoying.

b) Understand that you may only get the cooperation of 1in 5 to start, but once you have one contact you can leverage their reputation to get others.

c) Ensure you provide them with publicity and provide them a copy of your end product.  In short - come up with an offer they can't refuse.

d) Start by getting them to provide you with some advice or reviewing your product - more passive than blatantly asking them for active contributions.

The most challening aspect will be to get the first few experts on board, then you will find the effort considerably easier.

Compilations are simple, effective and highly profitable methods of getting your own products to market fast.

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Your Compiled Info

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