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Remote Car

Remote Car
Starter and
Alarm System

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Remote Car
Alarm Security



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Remote Car Starter
and Alarm in One System!



If You Enjoy the
Most Innovative of

You'll love this Remote Car Starter and Alarm in One Great System.

It works withManual Transmissions, as well as Automatics and there's also a special starter mode for Diesels

Remote Car Starters and Car Alarm Systems in one are more advanced than those preinstalled in the worlds top luxury automobiles.

Compatible with all cars, whether you have a top of the line German luxury sedan or a great economy automobile.

The car security system and remote car starter works even if you don't have power locks.

The Remote Car Starter and and 2 way Car Alarms System provides complete 2 way communication between you, your car and the other words, your car talks to you and lets you know what's going on at all times!

A digital automobile graphic on the remote LCD screen even visually and audibly indicates engine start or shut-off, armed or disarmed alarm, unlocked or locked doors and forced entree.

All this Security and Convenience from up to 1000 feet away!

This Remote Car Starter AND Alarm System comes complete for less than the price of most other basic alarm only systems.

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for this Remote Car Starter

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Remote Car Alarm Security

  • Comfort and Convenience

  • This Remote Car Starter gives you all the Comfort and Convenience you could possibly want.

  • Start the engine before you leave the house to pre-cool or pre-heat the interior. You'll even have defrosted windows on those icy cold mornings. Now that's Luxury!

  • Can't remember if you locked the doors?..Do it remotely from inside the house.

  • The Remote Car Starter function starts the engine..not the until you insert your key it can't be driven away.

  • The Car Alarm system creates a security system that is one of the most advanced on the market today.

  • You'll enjoy the feeling of security by knowing you have total control of your car.

  • It will even work in conjunction with an existing car alarm system to greatly enhance overall security.

  • "Remote Alarm Mode" has 3 Levels of security and the Remote Alarm system will notify you of level 2 or level 3 via your remote receiver.

    1) If your car is touched the remote alarms shock sensors will sound the alarm for 2 seconds to warn away an intruder

    2) If your car is tampered with, or bumped, the remote alarm will sound for 30 seconds, then re-arm itself.

    3) If door, trunk, or hood is opened..or if someone has gained access to your key and attempts to start the ignition while the system is on..the alarm will sound for 60 seconds.

    • This third unique "anti-hijacking" security feature then allows you , with just the touch of a button, to turn off the engine from the safely of indoors.

  • You'll be glad to know that Installation is Simple.
  • Most professional automobile alarm technicians can install the system in less than 2 hours for less than $60 (cost will vary depending on area and technician).

    Not only is this one of the greatest gadgets ever created for everyday use, it's also a great conversation piece when you start your engine from a far in front of friends and family. Everyone will be asking you where to can get one. Although hookup is simple, professional installation is recommended.

  • This System comes complete for less than the cost of most other basic alarm systems.


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