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Installation Questions for Your Bulldog Alarm

Q: Where in the vehicle should I mount the alarm?

Q: I connected power to the unit but it doesn't respond.

Q: Why doesn't the unit give me a Warn Away when you approach the vehicle?

Q: How does the alarm know when the door is opened?

Q: Can I connect Keyless Entry and Parking Light Flash to this unit?

Q: Can I get an extra remote transmitter?

Q: Can I add an LED to my Do-It-Yourself unit?

Q: Will my Do-It-Yourself Alarm unit operate my Bulldog Security remote starter?

Q: Does the remote transmitter have a battery inside?

Q: What is the Yellow wire on the back of the module for?

Q: How do I enable my talking alarm to say "Please move away from the vehicle"?

Q: When I arm the system and open the door, the alarm doesn't go off. Why?

Q: Do I need to use all three screws when mounting the unit?

Q: How do I get these screws into the metal?

Q: Can this unit be installed in a boat or recreational vehicle?

Q: Can I mount the unit to plastic and then connect the wire to ground?

Q: How do I adjust sensitivity?

Q: How loud is the alarm?

Q: When I apply impact to the front of the vehicle  the alarm works fine but when I apply impact to the rear of the vehicle I get no response. Why?

Q: My neighbor has a Bulldog Security alarm system. Will his remote transmitter interfere with the operation of my unit?

Q: My alarm goes off 45 seconds after arming. Why?

Q: I have several Do-It-Yourself systems. Can I use one transmitter to control all of the units?

Q: I have an alarm purchased several years ago and it has stopped working. Where can I get this unit serviced?

Q: I purchased a vehicle that already has a Bulldog Security system installed. Is this unit still under warranty? Can I get a manual or extra transmitter?

Q: I have a Do-It-Yourself Alarm unit that has been installed in my vehicle for several months. This unit has stopped working and will not respond to the remote transmitter. What do I need to do?

Q: After installing my Do-It-Yourself Alarm unit, I have noticed I have no range from the remote transmitter. How can I improve the range?


Q: Do I need to use all three screws when mounting the unit?

Q: How do I get these screws into the metal?