Extensive Product Support is provided "Online" by Bulldog Security. Listed below are links to all their support areas.

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Extensive Product Support is provided "Online" by Bulldog Security. Listed below are links to all their support areas. Remote Starter Install Video 28.8k to56k
Remote Starter Install Video Remote Starter Install Video
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---------------------------------------------- Company History     Bulldog Security is based in Wintersville, Ohio. Bulldog Security identified the demand for the "Do-it-yourself" systems in late 1991. Bulldog Security completed the design and manufacture of our first system in 1992 and the response was overwhelming.     Bulldog Security received "First Place in Design" and "First Place in Engineering" from the Electronics Institute of America and was rated a "Best Buy" by Consumer Digest Magazine.       Bulldog Security is known as a "solutions" company. By using the latest in technology, we produce the highest quality products while exceeding our customer's expectations through quality technical support.     Bulldog Security has been awarded many patents including the Installable Dual Stage Shock Sensor, High Theft Protection, Distracted Entry, Remote Controlled Runtime, Parking Light Confirmation and Remote Valet. Bulldog Security was the first company to offer features such as Remote Programming, Instant Panic, Dedicated Stop and Start from the Transmitter, Remote Programmable Hot and Cold Start and Passive Shock Lock to mention just a few

---------------------------------------------- JBS Technologies Patents Patent #5,459,447 Aftermarket installable dual sensitivity shock detector.   Patent #5,612,670 Dual sensitivity shock detector. Patent #5,677,664 Controlling automobile alarm systems. Patent #5,886,622 Alarm system with sensor signal evaluator. Patent #5,942,988 Remote engine starter with engine shutoff. Patent #6,101,428 Auto remote control with signal strength discrimination.   Patent #6,452,772 Output protection for automobile aftermarket circuitry.  

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