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Model 2030
Bulldog Car Alarm

Talking Alarm With Seven Messages
See Below

  • One Wire --Ten Minute Installation
  • One piece self-contained alarm system with a built-in 127db siren
  • Mini-compact design that fits All Vehicles
  • Automatic passive arming-will save 5% to 23% on car insurance with most companies
  • Four button extended range remote transmitter
  • Remote adjustable onboard electronic dual stage shock sensor
  • Special situations - Stops false alarms
  • Remote programmable current sensor
  • Selectable voice or chirp by remote transmitter
  • Full time instant panic
  • Remote car finder
  • Scan deterrent
  • Code learning
  • Seven talking messages
  1. Please help me!
  2. I've been tampered with
  3. You are to close to the vehicle, please move away
  4. thank you
  5. Please adjust sensor now
  6. System armed
  7. System disarmed