Model RS1300E
Remote Car Starter

T-harness Friendly
?? What's This??
See Below for Details

Polarity Controlled Switches Added For

  • Parking Light
  • Dome Light
  • and Trunk Outputs

    Qualifies for Insurance Discounts!!!

    • Installation kit included.
    • Two four button extended range remote transmitters
    • Dedicated start and stop buttons
    • Keyless entry with onboard relays
    • Remote trunk release (+/-)
    • Automatic "COLD" start.
    • Automatic "HOT" start
    • Automatic start
    • Parking light confirmation (+/-)
    • Dome light supervision (+/-)
    • Programmed run time-5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 minutes
    • Tach or tachless operation
    • Pit stop feature
    • Fully remote programmable and adjustable
    • Horn output
    • Siren output
    • Door trigger protection
    • Starter immobilizer output
    • Sensor protection output
    • Extended range, up to 800 feet
    • Installation kit included.

                        ??? T-HARNESS
      **The T-Harness is an optional accessory designed to cut your installation time in half.
      The T-Harness is not necessary to complete the install and may or may not be available for your vehicle.
      See a partial listing of vehicles here

      See T-Harness Installation Photos.

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