Bulldog DIY-Remote Starter

Model RS82P/RS79P
Remote Car Starter

T-harness Friendly
?? What's This??
See Below for Details

Polarity Controlled Switch Added For
Parking Light Output

Designed to Work With Factory Remote Transmitters
One two button extended compact range remote transmitter
This System will work with the remote included in This package .....
Or with the Existing Factory Remote Transmitter

  • Installation kit included.
  • Dedicated start and stop buttons
  • Parking light output (+/-)
  • Tach or tachless operation
  • Pit stop feature
  • 400 feet of range

                      ??? T-HARNESS
    **The T-Harness is an optional accessory designed to cut your installation time in half.
    The T-Harness is not necessary to complete the install and may or may not be available for your vehicle.
    See a partial listing of vehicles here

    See T-Harness Installation Photos.

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