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Compiling Informational Lists
For Fun and Profit

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Creating A List of
Informational Resources
Is Easier than You Think!

Information Products seem to be what Everyone wants these days..

Call them what you will..

  • Reports
  • Tutorials
  • Info Products

They are a Hot Item and as long as we continue to want to Learn More about Everything..these info products will always be in demand.

And Honest..You don't have to be an Expert In Your Field to come up with one of your own. In fact, you don't have to "Know" Anything! :)..Except How To Do Some Research!

I think one of the most overlooked areas for these Information Reports are in

Compiling "Lists" For Fun And Profit

Let's say your Creative Urges have left you with a few Short Stories you've written..just never had the time to do much with them. Until you run across an ad that says

  • Get A Complete List of Over 100 Websites that will Publish Your Short Stories Online for Free!

Or maybe you've been collecting Cookie Cutters for years. Think that no one cares?
Think Again!

  • Get A Head Start on Your Christmas Baking! 101 Best Places to buy Really Creative Cookie Cutters! get the idea..Do the research and compile the lists in a professional,informative manner..And there will Always be folks that Want what They didn't have Time to look for!

If you think you might enjoy compiling information and creating informational reports others can use..

But just don't know where to begin.. Damon Zahariade has Created something a little different..And a Lot better than any information on "Creating Reports" I've run across.

Its Not a Short Read by any means.. But open any page and an
"I Can Use This Now" jumps up at you!

And if it gets you started on a Lucrative Path compiling and maketing your Own Info Products, You'll be glad you found it!

Start Compiling Your List Today!


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