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Happy April..and if you've been thinking this Internet Marketing thing is just one big April Fools will get better..honest!

Have you noticed lately that you can hardly read an ezine lately that someone isn't talking about, or in the middle of doing a "Niche" website?

Yea!! I love seeing how more and more folks are trying their hand at a different approach and attempting to broaden their internet presence by finding other interests to focus on.

When I began this newsletter less than a year ago, my main direction and goal was to encourage others to find original ways to market affiliate programs...whether they were selling Internet Marketing Products.....or Hammocks.

And with the surge in Niche marketing those same principles still apply...In other words..if you've broken away from marketing "Internet Marketing" products, and you're now promoting hammocks..the principle still exsists...

You still must Do it Differently!

But that's where your creativity comes put some of yourself in how the "been there, doing it now" people are doing it, takes experiment...

if you need to, do three websites on hammocks...then put the best of them together....publish it, tweak it, and start again on the next one!

Instead of trying to Sell the hammock.....give some background and history of Hammocks in general...check around for articles..or ways hammocks have been used..include information on how to use them on boats, or how boy scouts use them on camping trips....

..find or write a cute "how to" when it comes to getting and staying in around..

It's important to realize that this research for "content" is a must...Search engines won't like you much if you just rehash the affiliate program...You need to be able to flesh ut this prduct to stand on it's own as a website.

If you're selling an E-book for example..the same applies..even if you think of your pages as a Pre-sell for the E-book....don't have it look like a Sales Page..thats the merchants job..

Instead..give your visitors good general information ..background..history.. other words...content.


Another interesting twist to this Niche Marketing idea is the tremendous amount of New Learning we all have to do..Yikes!..

  • Key Words

  • Search Engine Optimazation

  • Pay Per Clicks

  • Position analyzers

Who would have thought that it's a two semester course just to get the basics about Google....

(actually..who would of thought you needed 2 semesters for Anything that was named ..."Google"?)


  • Fun Resources

    Here are a few odds and ends for interesting tools to try ..

    You probably have some of these basics:

    WordTracker Use the free tool to come up with more uses a "lateral" suggestion ther words..give you other suggestions for keywords to try.

    Overture This gives the number of searches made for particular keywords..also includes lateral suggestions.

    Google In it's most simplest form..will give you the number of websites that include the keyword you're searching for. (This can look daunting..which is way it's important to explore those alternative and lesser used keywords)

    Here a a few more tools, websites, and ideas I've run across. Meta spy Want to get a running idea of what the rest of the world is searching for? This automatically reloads ever 15 seconds and shows current Meta Crawler searches.. <> (This is a fun site if you're trying to eat your sandwich and need both hands, but still want to be "doing something"'s a bit addictive but I think you can pick up alot about keyword phrasing..)

    Alta Vista Even though WordTracker uses Alta Vista in its free going to the main domain there's a great way to get lots more alternatives for keywords..after you've entered your can use "Refine with Prisma" on the >> by the next keyword you'd like to search..and each search brings up more keywords. This is one of the Very Best Research tools I've run's also a PPC by the way.

    Specialy Pay per Click Specialty pay per click search engines are search engines that only allow specific types of sites to advertise with them. This pay per click allows you to browse alphabetically through themes you may never have thought of.
    If you're ready to get serious about niche markets..Phil Wileys Mini Site Profits is still the his latest newsletter by the way..he's about to produce 2 niche marketing websites a week...A week? Yikes!..Ok..he's been doing this awhile :~)

    Mini Sites Forum Drop in at Phil Wileys forum..

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