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Get Creative And Do It Differently
With Your Affiliate Promotions--
A Fresh Perspective On Marketing
Those Affiliate Programs

A Get Creative Article
from Creative Affiliate

Give Your Customers a Feel for Your Product..Not a Sales Pitch!
Let's say you're promoting an E-book for example, yours or someone elses..
begin your web page with ACTUAL EXCERPTS taken directly from the e-book.

Three or four well chosen paragraphs from the book with thought provoking concepts should do it..
THEN add a link for "Read More Here"
THEN... give them a little bit more ...
maybe even 3 or 4 paragraphs more.

Maybe include the Chapter Titles with a brief description of what more they'll find.

By now they've had an opportunity to identify both with the content and style of the E-book and their interest is peaked.

Now go on with a Short and Very to The Point Sales Language presentation.

And please..don't make them search for the price...
Contrary to popular belief..the more they have to look for the price..the more they don't want to bother.

No...You don't have to "give it all away", but by allowing your potential buyers to get a FEEL for the actual language and style of what's inside will go a long way in capturing their interest.

The long drawn out Sales Letters that are so popular right know the takes 5 minutes to scroll to the bottom ..are chock full of the same old "Sales Language" that's been around forever..and no matter how well written or laid out they's still the same old "Sales Language".

Give your customers a Feel for what they''ll actually recieve and they'll make a mucher quicker, confident purchase.

And that's a Good Thing-- for both of you!



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