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A Get Creative Article
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Create What You Can't find
The internet is chock full of information..

So why is it, when you go to Look for can't find it? For example..I spent quite a bit of time perusing websites that contained articles.. Actually what I was looking for was a "Catagory" that contained Short "How To" Tutorials...

I found one or two mixed in with Feature Length articles but neither was on a subject I wanted.

Now I've starting saving them on Any Subject I run across into a folder..then into catagories..

It should make a nice little "freebie" to offer to bring folks to a website or the newsletter..

Moral of the story

  • If you're looking for something specific and not finding it..chances are others are too. Its the old "Find a Need, and Fill It"

  • So either Create It..Or Create a Listing of where to Find it.**

  • And shoot out a bunch of 2 line ads to either your website..or to an autoresponder .

  • And of course you are entitled to add a short Advertisement of your choice to the message!

    Create your Own Creativity

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    Compile Informational Lists for Fun and Profit!


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